All In for Wesleyan

June 24, 2020
Thank you for making All In a success!
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All In

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Today the Illinois Wesleyan community comes together to demonstrate Titans Supporting Titans. No matter what, we are always All In for Wesleyan. Join in by showing your pride, making a gift and sharing how you are #AllInforWesleyan.

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Pacesetter Challenges:

Follow these pacesetters' lead by making a gift today as Titans Supporting Titans. Check back throughout the day to see new challenges!
$362,500 of $362,500


9:00 PM
The Final Challenge
This has been an awesome day for Titans! Thank you so much to everyone who has participated. There are only a few hours remaining, can we reach $1,000,000 and 2,000 donors by midnight?


Tom ’79 & Cairy Brown are loyal IWU supporters who are passionate about helping others. The Browns have pledged $25,000 every year for four years to the George “Gus” A. Hill Scholarship for Inclusion. They are committing to a student of color/Posse student to ensure their success in becoming a Wesleyan graduate. The Browns are challenging others to join them in supporting IWU’s commitment to diversity through the George “Gus” A. Hill Scholarship for Inclusion. Let’s build opportunities for many students at IWU.


Rick Hanna, who played middle linebacker and wore #55 for the Titans from '77-'81, and his wife, Jorja, are inspired by the generosity shown today by the Titan community and want to encourage others to join in. Rick has pledged up to $25,055, if we reach 1,555 individual donors by 10:55 PM tonight. Let's do this, Titans!


4:30 PM
Top Titan Fan
Carol Willis '68 is a top supporter of Titans and wants to ensure that all students excel in the classroom AND on the field. Carol recognizes the need for academic and athletic scholarships and she is giving $100,000 to make sure our Titans have home field advantage. Carol is challenging you to provide scholarship support for all students to be successful. Join her in this effort by matching her gift dollar per dollar by midnight.


3:00 PM
Supporting Local Students
Kimberly Sterling ’92 values the education and experience IWU provides. If 100 donors each give $100 (or more) toward the McLean County Scholarship, Kimberly will match all gifts dollar per dollar up to $10,000. Join the challenge to keep our students in Illinois!


2:00 PM
Giving Circle Passions
Sean Conroy ’96 has a passion and wants to pay it forward. He is giving $7,500 to the Accounting Giving Circle. A scholarship is awarded by a Giving Circle for each $2,500 raised. Sean is challenging all Giving Circle supporters to fully fund their scholarships today. There are so many Giving Circles to choose from, support your passion and fund your circle’s scholarship.


1:00 PM
Attention Milestone Reunions
Celebrate your class reunion! Alumni with class years ending in 0 and 5, it’s your time to shine in your milestone reunion year. Every gift matters. Which class will have the highest participation today?


12:00 PM
AABD Endowment Challenge
The Alumni Association Board of Directors (AABD) is proud to announce the establishment of the IWU Alumni Association Building Diversity Endowed Scholarship. This endowment will provide scholarship support, equity, access, and opportunity to historically marginalized and underrepresented students at IWU The AABD is matching all gifts, dollar for dollar, up to $15,000 toward this endowment scholarship.


10:30 AM
Young Alumni Unite
The Young Alumni Council recently announced the brand new Young Alumni Giving Circle Scholarship. To award the scholarship next fall, we need to raise $2,500. The Council is challenging all Young Alumni, let’s pull together and get our new scholarship funded today!


9:00 AM
Student Virtual Check-In
While we are apart, we can be together virtually. Debbie ’79 and David ’71 Hall are proving we are still ‘All In’ for our students. The Halls are encouraging student participation with a virtual check-in challenge by giving $5 (up to $5,000) for every current student who checks in. Students, your participation matters. Check in now!


8:30 AM
Unlock this Challenge
The clock is ticking! Mark Israel ’91, a very proud alumnus and loyal supporter of the Wesleyan Fund. Mark will give $25,000 to the Wesleyan Fund when 100 new donors give in the next 100 minutes. Make your gift now!


6:00 AM
All In Today
The Board of Trustees is starting the day with an extraordinary participation challenge. Every year our Trustees give their time, talent and treasure in immeasurable ways. This year, the Board was challenged by Chair Tim Szerlong ’74 to go over and above their already generous giving. The Trustees collectively responded to this call to action with additional support to various initiatives and committed $200,000 specifically to be invested in resources for strategic initiatives. Our goal is for 2,500 donors to help us reach and surpass in raising $350,000 today. The Trustees challenge is being passed on to you -- let’s hit our goal!